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Professional Radio CPS R06.09.06

===============================================================Professional Radio - Customer Programming Software R06.09.06================================================================Enhancements in this release:---------------------- Added support for India model which channel space is limited in 12.5KHz Only.- Added password verification when writing to radio which is CPS password protected.- Added the ability to active the feature that prevent selected channel from being added into scan list or deleted fom scan list from radio.- Added support for the data operation(trident) feature.- Filter the emergency active command from Option Board while radio is in emergency mode;Filter the alert tone(alert1 and alert2) request command from Option Board while radio is in Tx/Rx cycle.System Requirements:--------------------Operating Systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Window NT 4.0,Windows ME, Windows 2000 Professional,Windows XP (Home and Office)Hardware Requirements:Processor Pentium II 333 or higherMemory 64 MB RAM recommendedHard Disk Space 16 MB minimum Free SpacePeripherals Microsoft Windows supported Mouse or TrackballMicrosoft Windows supported Serial Port for radio communicationMicrosoft Windows supported Printer Port for report printing1.44 MB 3 1/2 inch Floppy Disk DriveCD-ROM for software installationKnown CPS Issues:----------------1) If your PC is running the first release of Microsoft Windows 95and Internet Explorer has not been installed, you may experienceproblems in installing and running the CPS due to certaincomponents of the operating system being out of date.To eliminate this problem two Microsoft patches have been includedon the CPS CD. If you experience any problems under Windows 95,please go to the CD and run:/Win95Patches/40comupd.exe/Win95Patches/dcom95.exeand then re-install the CPS.2) On some PCs, the CPS may abnormally terminate if Print Previewis attempted on the Print Custom screen. This problem only occurswhen Print All is selected. This problem has been observed onCompaq Windows 98 computers with the following programs running:* Easy Access Internet Program (cpqEasyAcc.exe)* Compaq Internet Watchdog Program (watchdog.exe)If this CPS function is to be used, it is recommended that theseprograms be removed from the PC startup.3) When the tree view is printed some nodes may overlap on theprintout and an extra blank page may be printed. This issueis more likely to occur on large codeplug configurations.4) On some printers, the columns in some printed tables might beslightly wider than they should be, causing the table to spreadhorizontally onto a second page.5) Emergency Revert Personalities assigned on the Signaling Configuration Pagewill not be tracked if the personality being referenced is moved in the treeview.6) On certain HP Laserjet printers the Print Summary option will only printone page. If you experience this problem, it is recommended that you firstsave the information to a file and then use any Editor (Word, Wordpad, etc..)to open the file and print the summary information.7) When in Windows ME and Windows XP, sometimes an extra set of scroll bars getdisplayed when viewing certain screens.Programming Hints:------------------1) It should be noted that a new/added conventional personalitymust be assigned to a zone/channel position. To add a zone toa radio click the "+" in a Personality Assignment to ZoneWindow. To add a conventional personality to the radio, clickthe "+" on a Conventional Personality Window. To add anadditional conventional personality to a zone go to thePersonality Assignment to Zone:Channel window for thedesired zone. Click the right mouse key within the channeltable to add a conventional personality entry. Please readthe CPS help for additional information.2) Speed Dial buttons should not be programmed to the P1, P2, andP3 buttons on radios, which overlay these buttons with the menunavigation keys. The speed dial buttons will not operatein this configuration because the buttons function as the menunavigation keys when phone mode is entered.3) When adding a new conventional personality, verify that thebandwidth selected on the Conventional Personality Basic screen iscorrect. Incorrect selections will lead to poor radioperformance.

Professional Radio CPS R06.09.06

Motorola radio software section includes CPS, RSS, Depot and other software download. Regularly updated from MOL US, MOL EMEA and other sources. Always fresh MotoTRBO CPS, APX CPS, TETRA CPS, Astro and Astro25 CPS. Depot tools and FlashZap for most popular radios. APX CPS includes versions 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 and 21. 350c69d7ab


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