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Download Books To Ipad 1 Our Dreams At Dusk: UPDATED

Since the latest software update my ibooks have been stuck on the loading screen of the app on bith my ipod touch and my ipad. This is really annoying nothing seems to be working i am starting to suffer serious withdrawls from my books and my audiobooks which i need to help me get to sleep and alsofor work!!!!!!!Does anybody have a solution ????????

Download books to ipad 1 Our Dreams at Dusk:

Download Zip:

Sorry to hear about your audiobook. Often, audiobooks download in sections due to the size of the book. So it may be that the file starting with chapter 16 is the smallest file and hence downloaded the first. Please try downloading the book again and wait for 15-20 minutes for all the sections to download.

I have download lots of book in the past, 8ncluding a few days ago. Tonight I chose a book, entered my password, and got a check mark saying Done. Usually that takes me to the book, but not this time. And when I went to my iBooks bookshelf, it was not there either. So (perhaps foolishly) I did it again, same thing. I hope I am going to be charged twice for a book I never received at all.

Apple just changed iTunes and removed iBooks altogether. SO this could be impacting your content. So if you previously used iTunes to sync books to your iDevice, use the iBooks app to redownload them without using iTunes.

Jackie, Please try to delete the books and then try re-downloading them. Delete the empty Books > Sign out of the Store > Sign Back in > re-download. Please give this sequence a try and let us know. Good Luck

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