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The predecessor to the Massey Ferguson 35 was the Ferguson FE35. Massey Harris and Ferguson merged in 1953, the colour of the tractor changed from grey and copper to red and grey in 1957 when the Massey-Ferguson name was first launched. The first red and grey tractors retained the Ferguson badge on the front of the bonnet and the Ferguson 35 decals along the side of the bonnet. Ferguson brand remained on new produced tractors until 1958 after which Massey Ferguson branding was introduced. The Massey Ferguson 35 was produced in 1960 -1965. To identify your serial number look on the dashboard of the Massey 35.

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The mean number of IEDs per EEG was 1.61 1.77 for EEGs with HV and 0.91 1.53 for EEGs without HV (p = 0.073). The mean number of IEDs/min did not differ significantly between EEGs with and without HV (Table 2). No clinical seizures were seen in any EEGs.

Divided by the morphology of IEDs, the mean number of bilateral SW per EEG differed significantly between EEGs with HV (0.96 1.43) and without HV (0.48 0.99, p = 0.046). Mean numbers of GSW, focal SW, and spike burst per EEG were similar between both EEG tests (Figure 3). The proportion of IEDs that continued for more than 2 s was 15.8% (6/38 IEDs) for EEGs with HV and 6.3% (1/16 IEDs) for EEGs without HV.

Histogram illustrating the number of IEDs subdivided by IED morphology. Mean SD number of GSW, bilateral SW, focal SW, and spike/sharp burst per EEG were 0.35 0.78, 0.96 1.43, 0.26 0.62, and 0.09 0.29 for EEG with HV and 0.17 0.65, 0.48 0.99, 0.17 0.65, and 0.04 0.21 for HV-free EEG, respectively. 076b4e4f54


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