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Moto Racer 2 PC Game Free Download

However, what's more important is how Moto Racer 2 differs from its predecessor when it comes to gameplay. Again, Monsieur Gaerthner's emphasis is on realism as he reveals how Philippe Monneret, French 24-hour motorbike endurance champion, helped with the technical and bike mechanics kind of stuff. Apparently, the programmers weren't too sure which way the wheels should point when going round a comer - clearly a knotty problem and best left to the professional.

Moto Racer 2 PC Game Free Download


Excellent ska-punk grooves make for a great change of pace from the endless techno beats of other games. However, motocross engines sound like a swarm of angry hornets, and the announcer may in fact be an unemployed game show host.

My review of Moto Racer 2 is gonna seem like ' a broken record of my review for the first game. The excellent graphics--now spiced up with snow and rain effects--still deliver an incredible sense of speed (even if the frame-rate slips once in a while). Your bike still controls fine with the standard joypad, although I much prefer analog. I still really dig the game's 50/50 mix of high-speed street racing and motocross powerstiding action (the powerslides feel great on the Dual Shock). And, as before, the Two-player Mode packs the same sense of speed as single-player (although multiplayer still lacks Al opponents to challenge human players). Some of my old gripes are the same, too. The Medium difficulty is too tough, and you'll really need to master the tracks on Easy first. Speaking of tracks, MR2 offers four times more than the first game. You get 24 to begin with, and an additional eight open when you beat the various Championship Modes, and that's not counting the mirror tracks (it sounds like a lot of tracks, sure, but many are slight variations of others). Even better, you get a track editor that lets you create courses from scratch or modify the existing ones, then race on 'em in a custom championship. This editor is easy to use, but it doesn't let me get as crazy with the jumps as I would like.

Up until Moto Racer came around, good bike racing games on the PS were a fantasy. Now, Moto 2's out, and once again, it outshines all of its competition (VMX, McGrath), which isn't too difficult a feat. This game is fast--I'm glad the game has invisible track walls to keep my bike on the road. The intuitive track editor is a nice addition. This is a fun, action-oriented racer--don't expect a sim, even with the game's Simulation Mode.

Moto Racer 2 allows configuration for virtually everything from defining controls to creating tracks to creating championship races. It doesn't, however, allow you to configure your cycle. This really isn't that big of a problem, though, since you have several different motorcycles to choose from. Each one has attributes such as acceleration, top speed, braking power, and grip that make it perform differently from the others. It is important to get the feel for each cycle as some work better than others on each of the courses. The thirty-two courses are divided quite evenly into both street cycle and dirt bike tracks that can be raced in various conditions such as night, rain, and/or snow. These courses come in several locations such as a cityscape, a forest, the Amazon, the Sahara, and the British countryside. After completing certain championships, the tracks can also be raced in mirror or reverse mode. Since this is a linear game, you cannot leave or turn around on the tracks.

The only real gripe I have about this game is the standard PlayStation blazing fast, oh-so-speedy loading. It takes approximately thirty seconds to load a track and about another 15 to load the menus between races. This in itself wouldn't be that bad if the races lasted a while. The problem here is that most races are two to four short laps in the championships. Even when doing a single race, the maximum is six laps which really doesn't take that long. I suppose I can't really blame Delphine for the PlayStation's slow load times, but it would've been nicer if the races lasted longer. This gripe also spills over a bit into the difficulty settings. While the settings (easy, medium, and hard) are true to form, you often don't have enough time to catch up with the other racers before the race ends even if you ride perfectly in the medium and especially hard setting.

Moto Racer 2 is a simple game to operate and a lot of fun to play. Although there are many options in this game, it is likely that anyone who is remotely interested in motorcycles and/or games should be able to play as the menus and gameplay are simple and straightforward. This game's difficulty levels can provide quite a challenge to all levels of gamers. The track design feature is really nice in a world of predefined-course-only racing games. Other than the bit of patience required while waiting between levels loading, this game is solid and scads of fun to play which is why I give it a score of 91.

Okay, I can't hold it back and must get a bit flowery. The music was awesome. No, the music actually ROCKED! Kudos to EA for being the first publishing company I can remember to give proper details on the in-game talent. Not since LucasArts' Full Throttle have I been this enthralled by a game's soundtrack. Not only do they give the names of the bands involved, but links to their web sites and snail-mail addresses to the record company are mentioned as well. If you liked the music in Full Throttle, you will love this. And hey, they're both sort of motorcycle games, so it kinda makes sense.

As I've been saying, this game is fun. It's not often that I find a game so enthralling and simplistic that I forget I am driving a motorcycle with a joystick, looking not out through a windscreen, but into a 17-inch monitor. Even when blinded by some inexplicable lens flare that comes out of nowhere, I'm still in the game, I'm still having fun.

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Moto Racer 2 is a motocross racing game developed by Delphine and published by Electronic Arts for the PlayStation and the PC.In Moto Racer 2, the player controls a motorcyclist on various terrain; the game offers motocross races and superbike street races. The game contains 32 race tracks and 16 motorcycles split evenly between motocross and superbike, and allows for the player to edit any track in the game using the level editor. It contains many of the same features as the previous game, including a split screen mode for the PlayStation version, and the player is allowed to choose between terrain set-ups prior to games. The game allows players to change between simulation mode and arcade mode to choose between a more realistic or playful experience.

Moto Racer 2 (aka 摩托英豪2, モトレーサー2) is a video game published in 1998 on Windows by Electronic Arts, Inc., Nobilis Group. It's a racing / driving and sports game, set in a motorcycle, off-road / monster truck, track racing and editor / construction set themes.

Moto Racer is a Direct3D motorcycle racing game for Windows 95 released in 1997 by Delphine Software International, and published by EA. It was also released on the PlayStation and had a number of sequels. This page is intended as an archive of files and other random information about this game.

The 3.22 patch fixes crashes and freezes with the Voodoo2 card specifically. This patch also introduces a frame rate limit, which can be overridden using the -FrameRateMax command line switch. If you find that the game is running too fast on a later system, try this patch.

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First, there was Moto Racer - an unforgettable, fast-paced and thoroughly satisfying racing game. Then Moto Racer 2 came, took everything that was great about its predecessor and made it even better! The fun-factor is still there, stronger than ever, supplemented by all sorts of new stuff. You've got a wide range of tracks - a whopping 32 in total - you've got great third-person animations and a great first-person camera that lets you feel just how fast you're going. Last, but not least, the game comes with a track editor, giving it virtually infinite replayability. All this makes Moto Racer 2 one of the best arcade racers for the PC.

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Moto Racer, mislabeled as Moto Racer Gold,[2] is an arcade style[3] motorcycle racing game developed by Delphine Software International and published by Electronic Arts for Microsoft Windows and PlayStation. The game was originally to be published by BMG Interactive, but after BMG closed down its U.S. operations[4] it sold the publication rights to Electronic Arts.[5] Critics hailed the game as the first outstanding arcade-style racer to appear on PC, and the PlayStation version in turn was called a strong conversion in reviews. 076b4e4f54


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