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Magical Things 9 EPS Rar

Stirred up things I left behind over a decade ago. Real music brings real feelings. I was ashamed at having failed my first marriage. As I commented earlier, I drank my problems away more nights than I care to remember.

Magical things 9 EPS rar

Amy was born to Catherine Madison and another Sunnydale resident. Her father never made any money and left her and her mother for another woman when she was twelve. Being brought up by her mother, Amy was subject to constant belittling from her single parent who constantly monitored her weight and would make her drink broth whenever she gained "an ounce." During this time, Amy remained unaware of her mother's magical powers.[1]

Amy was very briefly turned human again when Willow cast a "My Will Be Done" spell which allowed her to change things just by saying it. Willow talked to Buffy about how she was not a real witch and unknowingly turned Amy, who was on the bed behind the two of them at that time, back into a human by saying the words "first she's a perfectly normal girl," but before Amy could say anything, Willow said "then poof, she's a rat," turning her back into a rodent.[11]

Despite magic use causing problems with her relationship with Tara, Willow impressed Amy with her magical talents when the two witches created mayhem at the club using their powers.[5] The next morning, she returned to her father.[6]

Following the burn-out from the previous night's magic use, Amy introduced Willow to the warlock and magic dealer Rack who Amy had been in contact with before becoming a rat. The introduction of Rack's brand of magic lead to Willow becoming addicted to black magic. Later, when Willow decided to give up magic, Amy cast a spell on her as a sort of gift, causing her to magically manipulate everything she touched for a while due to be exposed to an unstable burst of magical energy.[6]

Amy was discovered by the United States Army during an expedition to be living sixty feet under the Hellmouth after its collapse with her "boyfriend," a still-skinless Warren Mears. Her first words to an exploratory member were "I'm gonna help you kill her." Amy requested unlimited access to all the government's magical hardware as well as a weapons lab for Warren in exchange for their cooperation. If they succeeded in taking Buffy down, Amy wanted full immunity and release for the both of them.[14]

Amy attacked Buffy at the Slayer Organization command center in Scotland, putting her under a "true love spell," a mystical sleep which only a kiss of true love could undo. Raising an army of kilted zombies to battle the Slayers,[15] Amy dueled Willow mid-air before being stepped on by Buffy's sister Dawn Summers, who at the time was in the form of a giant. As Willow magically probed Amy's whereabouts, she suddenly sensed a trap and was pulled through a portal, only to be "greeted" by a saw-wielding Warren.[16]

Amy was again involved in an attack on the Slayers in Rome, summoning a goatman to fight them while Amy herself was scrying from far away. This interrupted Warren's attempt to trick Andrew back to the dark side, which Amy did not think would be successful.[19] Amy magically tracked down the Slayers for Twilight after they fled to Tibet and spied on them for a time in the form of a cat.[20] 350c69d7ab


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